Every year when their birthday or Christmas comes around you’re faced with the question of what to get the gear head in your life. After all, you know they’ll be sorely disappointed with another pair of socks or gift card.

Not to worry; we’re here to save the day. We’ve compiled some must-have car accessory and fun gift ideas for the car enthusiast in your life, plus a few car-based experiences of a lifetime that they’ll love.

Must-Have Gadgets, Toys and Accessories

  • Diecast model cars - Get the car nut on your list the vehicle of their dreams, albeit on a smaller scale. Nowadays, model cars of just about every year, make and model are available – from old school classics to modern favorites.
  •  Car related apparel - Who wouldn’t love a shirt that says, “I love my Kia” or “Kiss the mechanic”? Car related t-shirts and other apparel are always a hit. When all else fails, go with a shirt sporting their favorite car brand.
  • Universal air vent mounted cell phone holder - With a cell phone holder, you’ll never have to dig for your phone between the seats again. Plus, having your phone mounted to the dash allows you to view the navigation app more easily.
  •  Bluetooth cassette adapter - For the drivers cruising in older cars they simply love, help them into the 21st century without forcing them to give up their beloved wheels. 2019 meets 1985 with this slick Bluetooth cassette adapter that adds Bluetooth connectivity to any car with a cassette player.
  •  Phone controlled interior lights - For drivers that like to customize their vehicles, custom app controlled LED color lights might be just the thing they are needing to up their modded car game.
  •  Drop stop seat gap filler - Tired of your personal belongings falling into the void between your seat and console, never to return? Of course you are, and so is the car nut on your shopping list. That’s why the drop stop seat gap filler is the perfect gift. Even everyday drivers will be stoked to get this useful gift!
  • Detailing Supplies - A true car enthusiast wouldn’t be caught dead in a dirty ride. So, go ahead and put some automotive detailing supplies under the tree. (Just be sure to check if they’re brand loyal before you go shopping!)
  • Custom fit car cover - Bird droppings? Tree sap? Not a problem with a custom car cover! Any car enthusiast will appreciate a car cover to help protect their baby.
  • Car inspired wrist watch - Sure, you can check the time with your phone. But, why would you when you can flash an automotive themed wrist watch? These models are sleek and stylish – just like the vehicles that inspired them!

Big Ticket Items

  • Race tickets - For those who have motor oil running through their veins, nothing gets the heart pumping like 200 mph race cars. Putting a pair of race tickets in the stocking of a car fanatic is a definitive win.  
  • An exotic driving experience - Does your car enthusiast want a Ferrari, but the budget doesn’t quite match? Then give them the opportunity of a lifetime: an exotic car driving experience.
  • A New Car - If you really want to make your car fanatic happy, nothing beats a new vehicle. Especially a Kia.

There you have it a slew of great ways to make the gearhead in your life happy on their birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or just because!