Kia Drive Wise is a suite of advanced driving features designed to help provide added peace of mind. On certain Kias, these available features can help drivers by automatically braking if a potential collision is detected, or warning of cross traffic the system detects as you back out of a parking spot. Each Kia vehicle has an available subset of Kia Drive Wise features. Explore below to learn about each Drive Wise feature that is available on Kia models.

Blind-Spot View Monitor

The  Blind-Spot View Monitor display in your dashboard  gauge cluster can show a live feed of your blind spots. Plus, if you try to change lanes while an object is detected in the blind spot, Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist-Rear (BCA-R) can help maintain your previous course.

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist

If you try to change lanes while an object is detected in the blind spot, Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist can help maintain your previous course.

Driver Attention Warning

Available Driver Attention Warning is designed to monitor a number of vehicle and driver inputs and can alert the driver if it senses inattentive driving practices.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist

The available FCA is designed to help detect and alert you of certain collision risks, and even automatically apply the brakes in some cases.

High Beam Assist

Available High Beam Assist can automatically switch the headlights to low-beam when an oncoming vehicle is detected, and switch back to high beams when it no longer detects such vehicles.

Haptic Steering Wheel

In conjunction with Kia Drive Wise systems, the available Haptic Steering Wheel can vibrate to alert the driver of potential threats or Kia Drive Wise alerts.

Highway Driving Assist

In regions where speed limit information is available, the available Highway Driving Assist (HDA)can adjust the vehicle’s cruising speed to match the vehicle detected ahead as well as changing speed limits.

Lane Following Assist

Available Lane Following Assist can follow lane markings that it detects, steering the vehicle along with the lane.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision scans for oncoming obstacles as you back up. If the system detects a potential hazard crossing into your intended path, it activates audio and visual warnings and possible braking intervention.

Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go

Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go is designed to adapt to your driving environment by automatically applying the brakes, or accelerator, to help maintain a predetermined distance from a vehicle it detects in front of you.

Safe Exit Assist

In certain situations, the Safe Exit Assist system can alert the driver or passengers who are opening their doors to exit the vehicle when the system detects another vehicle, bicycle, or pedestrian approaching. If necessary, Safe Exit Assist (SEA) will override attempts to deactivate the Electronic Child Safety Lock until it’s safe for your rear passengers to open and exit the vehicle.

Surround View Monitor

Using four mounted cameras, the available Surround View Monitor (SVM) projects a bird’s-eye view directly onto your in-dash screen for a virtually 360° perspective.

Each Kia model has their own set of Drive Wise features. Rest assured, no matter what Kia you have or would like to have, safety is always a priority.