From U.S. News & World Report, Kia received four separate 2020 Best Cars for the Money Awards, more than any other car brand. Winners are chosen by the best combination of quality and value. The Forte won best compact car for the money for the first time. Four years in a row, the Soul is best subcompact SUV. The Sorento earns best 3-row SUV for the fourth consecutive year. To top it all off the Sedona won in the best minivan category for the second year.

Not Only did the Forte, Soul, Sorento and Sedona take home the Best for the Money Awards, numerous other Kia models were finalists in almost every category…

  • Kia Telluride - Best 3-row SUV for the Money Finalist
  • Kia Sportage - Best Compact SUV for the Money Finalist
  • Kia Niro - Best Hybrid or EV for the Money Finalist
  • Kia Optima - Best Midsize Car for the Money Finalist
  • Kia Rio - Best Subcompact Car for the Money Finalist

Quality is determined by each vehicle’s performance in U.S. News & World Report Best Car Rankings. They collect and analyze every published, credible review of a given model to get the consensus of the automotive press on things like how well a car drives, how comfortable its interior is, and how well its connectivity and tech features work. They then combine that analysis with safety and reliability data to get a numerical overall score, which they use to measure quality in the Best Cars for the Money awards.

Value is measured by a combination of transaction prices and five-year total ownership costs. A car has significant ongoing costs, like repairs, fuel, and insurance. To measure the kind of value a car offers, U.S. News & World Report start with real-time transaction prices. They then combine that information with five-year total ownership costs. Those two measures together provide a car’s value score for the Best Cars for the Money.

“Winning one Best Car for the Money awards is a great honor,” said Michael Cole, president, Kia Motors America (KMA). “Winning four is fantastic. It’s Kia’s mission to provide consumers with desirable high-quality vehicles at the best value, and so this recognition from U.S. News & World Report is tremendously gratifying.”