Kia will debut its fresh logo before the end of the year. "The new emblem is similar to the one at the Imagine concept car, but it will look a bit different," Kia Motors President Park Han-woo told South Korea's Motorgraph. The new badge would allegedly begin appearing on vehicles in October.

Imagine Concept Vehicle

In December 2019, the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service published a trademark request from Kia that showed the new logo. There's a rumor that the company might reserve the new insignia for hybrid and electric models

The Kia logo on the Imagine uses stark, angular lines for the strokes in each letter. The upper part of the K attaches to the top of the I. The bottom of the I connects to the lower part of the stylized A. In comparison, the existing emblem simply puts a serif on the top of each letter.

However, it will take some time to replace the emblem entirely. This is because all the emblems that go into the trademark application process in each country, exhibition hall, service center, office building, and internal and external materials need to be replaced. Design changes to front and rear bumpers, hoods, steering wheels, seats and other key parts of the vehicle also take time. As a result, it is extremely unlikely that the emblems of the existing product line will be replaced in a batch.

What do you think of the new logo? More details can be found on Korean Car Blog.