Be ready for whatever life throws your way with UVO link. Gain access to emergency help, information about your vehicle, remote features, and a lot more. UVO Link is available on these models:  2020 Telluride, Sportage, Soul, Optima and Optima Plug-In Hybrid, Niro and Niro Plug-In Hybrid and K900 when you purchase or lease.

What can you do when you connect UVO Link to your Kia?
  • Remote Climate Control - About to head out? Heat or cool your car to the perfect temperature before you leave! Using the Kia Access app, set the temperature remotely so you won't have to endure a sweltering seat or icy interior again.
  • Remote Door Lock & Unlock - Did you forget to lock the car? Even if you're miles aways, you won't need to worry when you can lock and unlock from your smartphone. And, if you lock your keys in the car, you can handle it in seconds.
  • Find My Car - Where exactly did you park? While your family debates, UVO saves the day. Pull up a location tracker on your Kia Access app to pinpoint precisely where your Kia can be found.
  • Voice Command - Use your voice to send commands to your car with home-to-car using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Custom Controls - Get speed, curfew, and geo-fence alerts right to your phone.
Setting up is super easy! Just follow these four easy steps:
  1. Download Kia Access with UVO Link from the App Store or Google Play Store. Launch the app and login or create an account.
  2. Connect your Kia by entering the VIN. (You can usually find the VIN on the side of the driver seat door.) Request a verification code to activate UVO.
  3. Now, on the touchscreen display in your car, select “Activate UVO”, and choose “I already have a code” to enter the verification code you received on your phone.
  4. Select “I have entered the verification code” on your smartphone.

That’s it! You’re all connected with your Kia.

There are multiple subscription levels for UVO (including a free one for 5 years) so you can pick the one that's right for you! Learn more about care packages here.