Have you ever wanted to get away with your whole family for a weekend, but didn’t have enough room in your sedan for everyone and their stuff? Have you ever got stuck in the snow in the winter? These and other problems are easy to solve when you choose a Kia SUV as your personal transportation.  

The amount of SUVs on the road are up in recent years. So, why the trend? For one thing, the selection of SUVs across all brands is expanding faster than regular cars. Kia currently has the Seltos, Sorento (hybrid model coming soon), Sportage and Telluride on their SUV lineup. We've compiled the top 10 reasons why an SUV is a good choice for your next vehicle.

1. SUVs carry more people. Most sedans only carry four to five people, which makes it difficult for a larger family to go anywhere together. Meanwhile, a three-row SUV, like the Sorento which comfortably accommodates up to seven and the Telluride which can fit up to eight. Kia SUVs are all about flexibility.

2. SUVs carry more cargo. When not carrying so many people, an SUV’s flat folding rear seating offers double or triple cargo space compared to sedans or small hatchbacks. When you fold down the Seltos' rear seats, there is 62 cubic feet of room to haul larger items like boxes, luggage, sports gear, and even bicycles and furniture. With so much capacity, you may discover new ways to use the cargo area.

3. SUVs are more fuel efficient than ever before. Kia is doing a number of things to make their SUVs line up more fuel efficient, such as implementing more aerodynamic designs and fuel-saving technologies. Most recently with the announcement of the 2021 Sorento Hybrid with an estimated 37 MPG and 27 MPG with the Sorento's regular gas engine.

4. SUVs are safer than ever before. SUVs are generally the safest category of passenger vehicle. It’s simply a matter of physics. If a large SUV hits a small car, the SUV will probably sustain less damage, because it is much heavier, and therefore transfers more energy in a crash. The Kia Soul, Sportage, Sorento, and Telluride are all IIHS Top Safety Picks. Meaning they received good ratings in the driver-side small overlap front, passenger-side small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength and head restraint tests. Experts also say that SUVs are effective at protecting occupants, provided everyone is buckled up, with infants and small children properly restrained in rear safety seats.

5. SUVs are better off-road. Let's be honest – most SUV owners never go off-road. However, unlike a regular car, SUVs enable drivers to go (almost) anywhere to enjoy outdoor adventures like camping, fishing and hiking.

6. SUVs are kid-and pet-friendly. SUVs offer more room in rear seats for child-safety seats and plenty of legroom for big kids. Also, the third row or cargo area offers space for the family pet and/or pet carrier crate. In a Telluride or Sorento, for example, it is easier to restrain pets in the third row or cargo area for their safety and yours. Consider getting the all weather mats and cargo tray to protect the carpeting in case they make a mess.

7. SUVs are better in winter conditions. Higher vehicles like Telluride can plow through deeper snow than sedans, but before you “dive in”, find out the ground clearance of your vehicle. That being said, driving through fresh snow requires great caution and familiarity with the roadway as well as snow-driving techniques. Be cautious before taking unnecessary risks.

8. SUVs have command seating. An SUV’s command seating position often offers a clearer view of surroundings than a regular car. Driver's have a better view of parking lots, debris in the roadway or other hazards like potholes. Also, getting in and out of a sedan can be hard for a lot of people, especially older people or those with limited mobility.

9. SUVs can tow and haul. If you have an outdoor hobby that requires a lot of gear, or something you couldn’t easily haul with a regular car, like racing or mountain bikes, motocross dirt bike, ATVs, kayak/canoe, then you will probably need an SUV or pickup truck. This is especially true if you need to tow on a trailer. The Telluride, Sorento, and Sportage offer a tow hitch and the Seltos can be equipped with lifestyle hitch to carry your bikes or other gear. Adding a roof rack is also an option for all Kia SUVs to haul your cargo.

10. SUVs are cool. Although some people buy an SUV because they need a bigger vehicle, or want to go off-road, most people buy an SUV because it’s the most popular vehicle style. One things for sure, it’s a sensible choice for all the reasons mentioned above. It’s also an emotional choice. People love the styling, because it shows the world the person they are. Adventurous, capable, and versatile.

Customers can build and adjust their payment at i25kia.com on any of the SUVs in our lineup. Shop our SUV inventory here.